CrossFit WOD, September 6, 2018

CrossFit WOD, September 6, 2018


PVC Game
*Everytime PVC Drops
1st Drop: 10 Walking Lunges
2nd Drop: Spider Man Lunge 2 x per leg
3rd Drop: 10 Hollow Rocks + 10 Supermans
4th Drop: 10 V-Ups
*Progressively make the PVC game harder so you have at least 4 drops
Then, 400 Meter Run

Gymnastics Skill Work
3 Rounds for Quality:
12s L-Sit Hold
12s Ring Support
25s Handstand Hold or Walk

Metcon (Time)
5 Rounds of:
Run 400 Meters
20 Ground to Overhead with a plate (45, 25)
12 Burpees to your Plate

Last done on 5/9.