CrossFit WOD, June 18, 2019

CrossFit WOD, June 18, 2019

Today we’ll partner up to judge/count for each other and perform a past open WOD that is incredibly deceiving! This workout really is about being smart with your pacing so come up with a goal in terms of how much work you want to complete each minute. Top games athletes got around 140 reps when this was first released.

Grab a light KB and complete,
AMRAP 7 at a slow pace:
8 KB Swings (4 Russian + 4 American)
8 Squat Thrusts
16 Banded Pull-aparts
16 Banded Triceps Pushdowns
3-Way Banded Shoulder Lat Stretch x 30s each position.

Bench Press (Weight)
1a) Bench Press: 8-8-6-6-4-4. Rest 45s.
– adding weight each set
Inverted Row Supinated Grip (Max reps)
1b) Inverted Rows: 6 x 10. Rest 45s.
– 1st 3 sets – pronated grip
– Last 3 sets – supinated grip

CrossFit Games Open 12.1 (AMRAP – Reps)
7-Minute AMRAP of:
Burpees to a 6" target

Partner up and Judge and count for your partner