CrossFit WOD, February 13, 2020

CrossFit WOD, February 13, 2020

Thursday February 13

1) foam roll lateral Hip x 60s each side
2) 2 Rounds of:
6 Romanian Deadlifts
6 Power Cleans
6 Front Squats
Green Band Walk x 10 Steps each direction
5 Rollover + Split Stretch
10 Lateral Squats
10 Bird Dogs with a 3 count glute contraction on each rep (10 total reps)
Review the Power Clean

Power Clean (Build to a heavy 1 in 10 sets, done as EMOM)
Rx+: (Touch n Go heavy double)
Goal: build to 85-90% of current 1RM in known
1 1/4 Front Squat (Weight)
Build to a heavy 3 in 6 sets. Rest 2:00

Rx+:(use chains)
– Goal: Build to 80% of 1RM Front Squat
DB RDLs (4 x 10)
Rest 60s.
DB Walking Lunge (Weight)
Max steps in 8:00

Every time you stop complete 30s Elbow Plank Hold
Goal: Complete 50+ reps
Rx+:(Double KB Walking OH Lunges 53/35)

Extra Credit
Foam Roll – Quads x 60s each