This Month’s Member Spotlight is a giant shout out to a chick that does it all.  She’s a professional, a bad ass athlete, an amazing mother, one of the hardest working gals in the gym, and one of the most genuine people I have ever been lucky enough to know.  
I could literally go on and on about the reasons that Dana Welsh should be spotlighted.  I could start with her work ethic.  Since the second  Dana walked through our doors, she has been smashing every goal she sets for herself.  Pull ups? Check… Handstand push ups? Check… 100 lb snatch? Check… Rope climbs? Check… Kipping toes to bar?  Check… Hand stand walks? CHECK… 
You get the idea here… 
 Her focus, determination and grit make her such a pleasure to have in our gym.  
I could write about her flawless offspring.  Her son Cowan is a perfect little man all wrapped up in cool kids Vans and headphones.  When he makes a guest appearance at class my day just gets made.  The kid is honestly too cool for words. 
I could write about her cat.  That’s right.. her cat.  Have you seen Melvin? Even her cat is beyond awesome.  
I could write about her style.. her incredible swag.  She is one beautiful, tattooed, gorgeous human being. 
I could write about how she makes me a better athlete.  As a coach it’s usually my job to push and motivate our athletes.  But my gal Dana returns the favor.  She’s my Tuesday night squat partner and it’sMY FAVORITE class of the week.  She motivates me, encourages me when I don’t think I can get one more rep, and cheers everyone on, even through all the Techno nonsense.  Squat days are the best days.. xoxoxo
But I’ll I’m going to write is that I thank my lucky stars every day that Dana chose us as her place.  Because we are a far far better place with her in it.  We love you Dana!!!  Here’s a little bit more about our fav babe

Name: Dana Welsh

Age: 32

Athletic background: I played softball and field hockey throughout high school and played in some rec leagues shortly while in college.  I was never really an aggressive athlete though. I was pretty timid when playing and eventually stopped being athletic all together.

Started crossfit: Spring of 2014. A friend of mine was doing it and talked me into trying it. After one class I was hooked.

Why I came to 643: I basically followed Coach Mike. Our old gym went in a different direction and I wasn’t feeling it. As soon as Mike said he was jumping ship and heading to 643, I bailed, too.  So glad I did.

Class: 9:15. 6:30 is second.

Favorite movement: Rope climbs. They always remind me how far I’ve come athletically. Or anything strongman-ish. Throwing heavy stuff around is never a bad time for me.

Goals: I have 2 major goals for 2018: getting a muscle-up and perfecting my handstand walks. Also wouldn’t mind learning to butterfly my pull-ups.

Thanks Michele. I hate talking about myself btw. This was hard haha