March Member Spotlight

March Member Spotlight

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So our Member Spotlight was dimmed February due to our website being redesigned.  But it’s back with a double dose of awesomeness for March.  Ladies and Gents, March’s co-members of the month are none other than those two blond beauties, Ashley Booth and Cory Amenta.

Cory and Ash, or Cash as I like to call them, joined our fun fitness family last summer.  They came together, bursting onto the CrossFIt scene all smiles, and sunshine, and have made our gym a shinier, happier place ever since.  They are always the first on the scene with words of encouragement, cheering everyone in the class on until the very end.

Cory and Ashley dove into CrossFit with such a high a level of determination.  Every new skill they were shown, they wanted to perfect.   Split Jerks??? Just ask Ashley how hard she worked at not channeling her inner ballerina on her footwork.  Snatchs.. Cory just loves them to pieces.  When Ashley started, she was scared to kick into a handstand.  Last week she spent 9 minutes basically upside down.  And Cory banged out 9 reps of those bad boys!!  They have both acquired so many skills in such a short time, and I’m so excited to see what the future holds for these two, because the sky is the limit!

It’s impossible not to think about one without picturing the other.  Whenever one shows up, the first question out of my mouth is where’s… insert missing blond.  And have I mentioned how they coach each other?  They just LOVE to stand right in from of one another while they lift, willing the other to stand up from a squat, or nail that split jerk.  It’s so awesome to watch, even if it would make me crazy.

Cory and Ashley are two beautiful, amazing, intelligent athletes.  We are such a lemon, lemon lucky gym that they picked us as their fit fam!!  Let’s learn a little more about these two….



Name: Cory
Age: 25

What is your athletic background?
I played on a national travel softball team and basketball in high school

When did you start CrossFit?
July 2017

What brought you to 643?
I moved to New Jersey in June, I wanted to meet new people and get into a new exercise routine. Ash moved to NJ around the same time and we decided to join together. Best decision ever!

What class do you attend most frequently?

What’s your favorite movement?
Snatching and any type of handstand movement

What are your goals for the future?
I would really love to climb the rope confidently and string dubs together without whipping myself!


Name:  Ashley Booth

Age 25

What is your athletic background?

I played a bunch of random sports when I was really young, but mostly I spent my time on a swim team and have been dancing since I was 4 years old. My dance background consists of ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip hop and modern/ contemporary.


When did you start CrossFit?

October of 2016 at Requisite Fitness in East Falls/ Philadelphia where I was so out of shape and unhealthy that I nearly died every time I was there.


What brought you to 643?

In July, I was relocating to New Jersey to start working at Rowan University when I had reached out to Lexi McGinn since I knew she lived in the area and asked her what gym she went to. At the same time, Cory had been working at Rowan for a few weeks and had reached out to Crossfit 643 to set up a meeting time the exact same week that I had planned on trying out to gym after Lex had recommended it to me. It was the best coincidence and we have been coming to the gym ever since!

What Class do you attend most frequently?

5:30pm crew & WLC (:

What’s your favorite movement?

Clean & Jerks because they currently don’t feel as terrible as snatching does.


Also- any workout with rowing!


What are you goals for the future?

I think my goals are really to just continue progressing overall. I would like to be able to string together double-unders, pull ups and toes to bar in the near future. I feel like my crossfit journey is still really new and I hope it continues to empower me every day alongside all of the new friends I have made at Crossfit 643 these past 7 months. I really appreciate all of the support from the community.