CrossFit WOD, May 6, 2020

CrossFit WOD, May 6, 2020

Wednesday May 6

With a partner and two light KBS:
100 Meter Farmer Carry (50 meters each)
100 Meter Front Rack Carry (50 meters each)
100 Meter Crossbody Carry (50 meters each)
Then grab plates and boxes and complete,
10 Walking OH Lunges (each athlete)
10 Ground to Overhead with a plate (each athlete)
10 Alternating Step-ups (each athlete)
10 Box Jumps (each athlete)
10 Hollow Rocks (each athlete)

Metcon (Time)
In teams of 2:
For time:
400 Meter Farmer Carry (70, 53)
100 Walking OH Lunges (45, 25)
300 Meter Farmer Carry
100 Ground to Overhead with a plate (45, 25)
200 Meter Farmer Carry
100 Hollow Rocks
100 Meter Farmer Carry
100 Box Jumps w. step down (24, 20)

Rx+:(88, 70)
L3: (35, 25# Plates)
L2: (25, 15# Plates)
L1: (BW Walking Lunges) (15, 10# Plates for G2OH)
30:00 Cap

Cool Down
Barbell Glute Bridges (Weight)
– Goal: 4 challenging sets that people should feel in their glutes
– Glute Hip Thrust can be used if you have enough benches

Perform single-leg with no rest. Do all work on left leg then right leg, alternating until all sets are complete.

At-Home Warm Up
AMRAP 6 for quality:
3 Side/Side Deep Lunge + Sumo Twist () each
6 Arms Overhead Squat ()
9 Wall Slides ()

At-Home Strength
Good Mornings (Weight)
Perform with DB in sumo stance. Rest 30s.
Arnold Press (Weight)
Perform single-arm in tall kneeling with DB/KB. Rest 30s.
DB Split Squats (Weight)
Perform as Bulgarian split squat with goblet hold. Rest 30s.
Plank (Max reps)
Perform as side plank with clamshell. 4 x 20s, rest 30s.