CrossFit WOD, March 31, 2020

CrossFit WOD, March 31, 2020

Tuesday March 31

Workout – HOME
3 Rounds of:
3 Shin Box + Forward Fold each
6 Overhead Goodmornings
9 Tempo Air Squats
Then:60s Butt Kickers

Tabata Style:
Up-downs 8 x 20s
Single Leg Glute Bridge 8 x 20s (4 each) hold top position for "rest"
Side Plank 8 x 20s (4 each)
Overhead KB/DB Tricep ext. 8 x 20s

5 Rounds:
20 alternating Side Lunges
30 Shoulder taps
20 Sit-ups

With a barbell + foam roller + light band
2 Rounds of:
6 Barbell Rows
6 Push Press
6 Barbell Curls
25 Banded Pull-aparts
20s Oscillatory foam roll lats
10 Thoracic Rotations each
Then right into a 3-Way Banded Shoulder/Lat Stretch x 30s each position

Bottoms Up KB Press (Weight)
Rest 30s.
Gorilla Rows (Weight)
Use KBs. Rest 30s.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP 20 with a partner:
1k Row
30 T2B
20 Burpee Box Jumps (24, 20)
– Goal: One person works – split however needed and maintain a high level of intensity.

Rx+:(30 T2B Per round)
L2: (Knee Lifts) (20, 15)
L1: (Abmat Sit-ups) (Burpees – no box)

Extra Credit
Push-ups (Max reps)
AMRAP 2 for Max Reps.
– exceed total reps from last week by 10

Cool Down
Half-Kneeling Biphasic Pec Stretch x 60s each side