CrossFit WOD, December 21, 2019

CrossFit WOD, December 21, 2019


Partner Abmat Pizza Game:
*This will be done in teams of 2. Every time one of your teammates drops their abmat you will complete a 50 ft. partner wheelbarrow.
*Note: The wheelbarrow will serve as a core/shoulder warm-up =)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP 20 with a partner:
50 Wall balls (20, 14)
50 Calorie Row
50 Kipping Handstand Push-ups
*One person works – split as desired.

Then when recovered,
AMRAP 5 of "Bodybuilding:"
10 DB Hammer Curls
10 Double KB RDLs
20 Plate Russian Twists (total)
*Done individuals – not with a partner

Rx+: (30, 20) (Strict HSPU) (Calorie Bike)